Wefunder 2.0

Whiskey in SF 

There are currently over 40 breweries operating in San Francisco. There are roughly 913,900 people in SF.  

There are currently three distilleries operating in San Francisco.  

Seven Stills is the only whiskey distillery open to the public in SF.

Our Mission

We are trying to bridge the gap between craft beer and craft whiskeys.  What we love most about the craft beer community is that it is: fun, collaborative, and fast-paced.  

By applying these three fundamentals we are pushing the boundaries of craft spirits and forging a new product category: whiskeys made from craft beer. 

Use of Funds

We are raising $535k in follow-on capital to bring production on-line at 100 Hooper Street and to begin laying down whiskeys to reintroduce to the market in 2021. 


On March 15th we will release $250,000 in shares at a $10.06 price per share.  Once these shares have been sold we will be releasing an additional $283,500 in shares at a $13.75 price per share.  

Early bird 

We will be notifying our early-bird investors first when discounted shares are made available.  To join this list please follow the link below.  

The Seven Stills 

Brewery & Distillery

100 Hooper St STE 4, 
San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 757-0178

Cocktails | Whiskey | Beer | Food

Spacious Beer Garden

Outer Sunset Taproom

3645 Lawton St.,

San Francisco, CA 94122

(415) 340-3654

Beer | Food | Beer Garden


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