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Seven Stills (named after the "Seven Hills" of SF) was founded in a storage unit in the Dogpatch in 2013. Our first three years were spent making beer at EJ Phair, trucking the finished beer to Stillwater Spirits, and then aging and bottling our finished spirits in the Dogpatch of San Francisco.  

In 2016 we opened up the first craft distillery to the public in San Francisco in the Bayview.  We built our own brewery and began canning the beers that we were using to make into whiskeys.  

In late 2019 we expanded our operations to our new home, in the Design District.  


Our whiskeys are inspired by craft beer.  Whether they are beers we've brewed ourselves or collaborations with our friends in the industry. From our beers to our Beers for the Bay city cleaning initiative, everything we do is inspired by SF. We hope you check us out!

Quality in, quality out

Our whiskey is created from something that itself has already been meticulously crafted. We go to great lengths to make a beer that can stand on its own, then we turn it into whiskey.


The result is something special that you've never tasted before. It's not quite like a Scotch whisky. It's not quite like a bourbon. And yet it certainly isn't a gimmick. You recognize it as whiskey, yet it's something uniquely its own. 

Delusional, maybe, but not boring.

There are 6,372 craft breweries in the country. What's the point of running one if you're not going to do it it it differently. We have one rule here: Use great ingredients. Beyond that, nothing confines us. So let's brew with eight pounds of hops per barrel when it's "normal" to use half that. Let's put guacamole in a beer. White wine grapes. Swedish Fish.

We'll try long as it's good.

Life beyond whiskey

We don't always make whiskey. But we do always have restless minds and a perfectly useful copper pot still. So at times we go off and make other stuff.


Our California Courage might be the purest, cleanest, smoothest vodka you've ever tried, and our Wood Isle gin is the most local on the market. We've made bitters and shochu. We've loaned out our spot to friends who've distilled spectacular fernet and amaro. And there is a constant threat of a hopped gin happening any minute. 

So whiskey isn't all we do. And if you got a good idea of something we should do with that still, let's hear it!

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