Sour Bundle - 750ml George & Sour Swap

Sour Bundle - 750ml George & Sour Swap

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This bundle includes a 750ml bottle of Sour Swap & George. 

Both of these whiskeys were aged in sour beer barrels and make for a very unique flavor profiles and easy drinking. These are easily two of our favorite expressions and fan favorites. 


Sour Swap - Seven Stills x Drake's Brewing Co.  47%ABV

At Seven Stills we brewed a batch of Flanders Style Red Ale with the Drakes team and let it ferment using a pitch of their house sour yeast.  After fermentation, we distilled the beer and began aging the spirit in New American Oak barrels for 14 months. At Drakes, the team brewed the same batch of Flanders Style Red Ale and let it sour in used wine barrels. 

The Swap
We emptied our whiskey barrels. Drakes emptied their beer barrels.  Drakes took their beer and put it into our freshly emptied whiskey barrels. We took our whiskey and put it into their freshly emptied sour beer barrels.  

Months 14-18
For the last four months we have let the whiskey sour in their barrels and they have let their beer finish in our barrels. 


George - Seven Stills x Good Beer Co. 47% ABV

Collaboration Series w/ Good Beer Co. - Distilled from IPA finished in White Peach Sour Barrels from Good Beer Co.’s George Sour.

Aroma: Stonefruit, Carmel

Palate: Spice, Light Peach/Stonefruit, Anise, Powdered Sugar, Cherry 

Aftertaste: Oak, more tartness and stonefruit

The Seven Stills 

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100 Hooper St STE 4, 
San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 757-0178

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