Seven Stills-RorschachTest Seven Stills

WHere it all began...

Last year we brewed Rorschach Test in collaboration with our friends at Moksa Brewing Co. We canned half of the original batch and are releasing the second half in the form of a whiskey and barrel-aged imperial stout. 



 We put a quarter of the originally brewed batch in New American Oak barrels and have been aging it for the past year. 500ml bottles will be available for $15 each and will be available at both locations and for shipping beginning 10/17. 




We took a quarter of last year's Rorschach Test and of course, distilled it into whiskey. For the past year it has been aging in New American Oak barrels. We added the same adjuncts as the beer (cacao nibs, unsweetened coconut shavings, & coffee) and bottled it this past week. It is extremely smooth and flavorful just like the beer and we cannot wait for you all to try it. 375ml bottles will ne available at The Distillery & for shipping beginning 10/17.